Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Lost City

A movie by Cubans - for Cubans.

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My husband and I finally saw this movie last night. It was really well done. Beautifully shot. A labor of love by Andy Garcia - a movie he had been trying to get done for the last decade and ended up using a lot of his own money to get completed. This is not necessarily a movie that people not of Cuban descent will "get" the way those of us whose families lived through this will but it is definitely one worth watching no matter what nationality you are. Its about family, love of country, and hope. Its about watching all you once knew shatter to a million pieces, having to start over in a new and foreign land, and surviving through it all. It is a story about one family - and all families. Because whether you are Cuban or know someone currently living in the United States who is Cuban - you will see that this movie portrays the story of millions of Cuban families just by showing the story of one family.

I saw this movie through the eyes of the first US Citizen born of my family who has never seen or stepped foot on the land of her origin and it made me proud and sad and hopeful all at the same time. It is one of my wishes that I get to see that country free during my lifetime.