Monday, November 26, 2007

Sophie is 2 months old today!

I can hardly believe that the time is passing as fast as it is. I was pregnant just a few months ago. Then Sophie was suddenly here. Now she is smiling and cooing and on the verge of laughing. So much has changed and will change so I am going to take this opportunity to record some things about her so that I can look back and remember.

  1. Sophia's favorite way to be held is over one's shoulder as if she is about to be burped. She loves to see what is going on and taking it all in.

  2. She is smiling really big now! She has her secretive little smiles and then the big ones she reserves for when she is really having fun.

  3. Sophia has noticed the cats! She follows them around the house with her eyes - actually she follows everything around the house with her eyes but you can tell the cats are a special curiosity to her. We think she has plans for them.

  4. She loves ceiling fans and smiles at them as if they are waving at her. We are thinking of naming the one in the living room.

  5. She now loves her swing and the bouncy seat enough to spend more than 10 minutes at a time in each. Mom loves them, too, because she can now get some blogging done while Sophia is awake!

  6. Lastly, because I need to stop myself before I go on and on, Sophia is starting to recognize faces. She knows her mom and dad and their voices, of course, but is spreading herself out to the rest of the family now, too. We swears she was playing peek-a-boo with her Tia the other day!

What is a blog about Sophia without a picture of Sophia?

BORING, I say!

Here she is sporting the teeny, tiny tiara that her Abuela brought her back from Disney World...

Delusions of grandeur? I think not!


Jamie M. said...

Sophia looks so much like her daddy! She's beautiful! :) Hope all is well with you. Miss you!