Thursday, January 31, 2008

Welcome to Plateauland; Can I take your coat?


That little word does not even begin to describe the frustration I am feeling. I am STUCK. My scale is broken. I swear it is. I have been so good this week. Seriously, on points in a way I have not been in a while. Making smarter dinner decisions. I have been SURE that I would see a change on the scale. But no. Its the same as it was on Saturday. To the very ounce. It must be stuck.

I think this is the reason they (which they, I wouldn't know, but I hear about them a lot) tell you that you should not weigh yourself every day. And I don't. I weigh myself every 2 days. Sometimes even 3 days. I am just hoping to see a change to justify how good I have been.

I am going to the fair on Saturday. If I do not see a difference by then I honestly don't know how I am going to avoid splurging on an Elephant Ear.