Monday, February 11, 2008

What floats my boat....

Here is an interesting factoid that I have realized since becoming a parent. I am wierd. I am odd. I am a freak. At least, that is what I am to non-parents or to parents of older children who have forgotten what it is to be excited over every teeny tiny thing their infant does.

I am by no means trying to say that my husband and I were, err, "normal" people before. Meaning, I was already dorky and would react the way I naturally reacted no matter what my reaction made people think of me. Actually, my husband and I are both dorks which is why we got along so well right from the beginning.

But becoming parents has made us monumentally wierder and dorkier than we ever were. In such a way that even we realize it - but it does not stop us from reacting the way we do to each other or to those around us. If you were a fly on our wall at home you would perpetually be shaking your head at our zaniness. Coo-coo is what we are!

Reasons to excitedly call my husband into the living room/kitchen area before baby:
* A preview for a cool new movie just came on the Television.
* Something monumental has happened in the world and is now on the news.
* One of the burners on the stove is on fire (this actually happened).

Reasons to excitedly call my husband into the living room/kitchen area since baby:
* Sophia is making an incredibly cute face, come see!
* Sophia wants to grab my glasses (but isn't actually grabbing them), come see!
* Sophia has noticed her feet, come see!

Are you following me? LOL. I am not sure if anyone other than another parent can really understand how much you change and how much your surroundings change when you have a baby. They are welcome changes but changes nonetheless. Previously, I was a pretty easy to please gal as it was. I did not need a big "to do" to float my boat. Now, though, I am sickeningly easy to entertain: a gurgle, a coo, a little look is all it takes - from my daughter, of course.

Then again - I have been known to be entertained when my husband gurgles, too...


cocojack10 said...

Oh Mel... you are too funny! I totally understand you, and know that one day I'll be in your shoes. DH and I are like that with our niece and nephew. Children are so adorable, and do the cutest thing, so I can only imagine the feeling when they are your own. Enjoy every minute with your little Princess Sophia. =)