Friday, February 15, 2008

WW: Geez a Lou!!!

Anyone familiar with Everybody Loves Raymond is familiar with that exclamation most often heard coming out of Frank's mouth (Ray's dad).

It works now, too. Geez a Lou is RIGHT. I am failing miserably at keeping myself on track all week long in terms of my diet aka "Lifestyle Change". I do great for a couple of days and then one day I splurge points on a Pastelito de Carne and that night I make the decision to order Chinese Food for dinner. Or Friday arrives and I decide that I want a real breakfast (i.e. high points) and then lunch on the same day I head for the grill and a basket of fries.

What am I doing to myself? My current plateau has nothing to do with FLEX plan vs. CORE plan and everything to do with what I decide to put in my mouth. Realistically, if I cannot make the right decisions on FLEX (where I can pretty much eat whatever I want) then how the heck am I going to make the right decisions on CORE where my choices are much more limited?

I am sabatoging myself. I love food. I love the tastes, the textures, the anticipation of a good meal. I am the Rat from Ratatouille without the fantabulous cooking skills. Even now, as I sit here complaining about myself, I know that I am going to go downstairs and serve myself up a plate of scrambled eggs, tater tots, and bacon. And maybe even OJ. Why? Because right now I am so hungry that I am not thinking of my diet or the scale or my pants size. And since I have made such bad decisions during this week and I have not seen any movement on the scale at all - my miserable brain is thinking, "what could it hurt now? you already screwed up the week."

I realize now that I need to get my brain on track in order to get my mouth on track. If not, I am going to be stuck with this extra 40+ lbs for longer than is healthy for my mind or for my body.

Something's gotta give - and at the moment it ain't my pants!


nadia said...

I am just like you girl! Im not on WW, but I feel your pain. I've never been as big as I am, and it's really doing a number on my psyche...I love food so much, but I'm being lazy about food choices...It's so much easier to eat some fried calamari with my grilled wings at sports grill...
My advice, clean your house out....don't give yourself the temptation. I wish you luck. I have an extra 30 i need to lose...

Christy said...

I'm with ya, sista! Hang in there. I'm struggling with some extra weight too. I've managed to drop just a couple of lbs since moving out and not eating my mom's delicious cuban food. But I've been supplementing that with horrible foods like Hamburger Helper. And let's not forget that I gave up bread, rice, donuts & soda! I'm overloading on pasta & junk!

So, while we're on the food topic, do you know of any Cuban Cake recipe? I mean, delicious birthday cake recipe!!! How about a Cuban bread recipe? YUM! And this is really stretching it, a Dominican cake recipe -the one they use for birthday cakes -not that pineapple one on the internet.