Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm pregnant and that IS the topic...

I think it is being 6 months pregnant that finally got me moving and starting this blog. So much is changing in my life and in my body that I felt the need to record it all somewhere. It is the foremost current event. It is what I always talk about. Being pregnant has pretty much taken over my entire life. I think my pregnant friends and those who have kids can kind of understand this - having gone through pregnancy for the first times themselves once. Its the male friends and friends who have never been pregnant who I fear may be a little tired of hearing about how I am feeling. And what I am feeling for the most part is completely in awe of what my body is doing. Its creating and safeguarding a whole new life. One created by me and my husband. Its always amazed me that we all start this way. A little cell to a bigger blob to a baby to a toddler to a teenager and then an adult.

(ASIDE: Okay, yeah - I am a bit of a romantic and a lot of a dork so get used to it.)

Basically, whats going on and how I am feeling is that I am pregnant. I am in love with being pregnant and you all have 3 more months of hearing about it. If I decide to share this blog, which I will I am sure. And then once I am not pregnant I am sure we will get into the trials and tribulations of a couple dealing with themselves and a new baby - and a lot of other interesting things in between.

You ready?


Mimi said...

You know I can't believe it has been 6 mths! It seems like the other day you were announcing it to us... I'm so happy for you and yes I am ready to read about your journey. After all you are "our" first ginny (sp?) pig hee hee. :) You go on with your fiece mama self ;)


:::"Belly Rubs"::::

LauderdaleLisa said...

You know, I remember you laughing because both Greg and I HAD to tell you all about the show Lainey was watching that month. HAHA NOW you get it. We are obsessed, we parents. You count now, even though you have not met your Sophia yet. Wait until the point where you just want to HAVE her already because you cannot possibly wait one more second to meet her. I LOVE YOU and you never bore me!! xoxoxo