Monday, July 2, 2007

I'll take a number one, please. With a sprite.

I am surrounded by all types of pregnant women. My sister-in-law lost close to ten pounds during her pregnancy because she got full so much quicker when eating and ended up eating less while pregnant than while not pregnant.

That is SO not me.

I am a bottomless pit. Seriously. I can eat so much more now and it takes so much more to get me satisfied that it boggles my mind. Well, it boggles my mind afterwards. While I am eating I feel like the happiest pregnant woman to ever roam the planet. All smiles and happy moods! Its wonderful!

I woke up this morning and told myself that I am now 6 months pregnant, I have gained somewhere close to 27 pounds in 26 weeks, and I was already over my comfort weight to begin with. Time to start watching what I eat a little closer. Salads, fruits, whole grains. You know, all the foods everyone KNOWS is good for you and will add not so much weight.

Yeah. I want to McDonalds for lunch. Not only that, I had a Big Mac, French Fries, and an Apple Pie. Before today I had not had a Big Mac in years because, from all my dieting days, I know just how many calories there is in one. Today - that did not matter. It was the best freaking sandwich I had ever eaten and I am still smiling about it.

And I don't sound the least bit guilty about this do I? Funny, I do not feel guilty either. Maybe what everyone is telling me is true. Maybe I do have a good excuse.

Well, well, well. Who knew?