Monday, July 2, 2007

Oh, thats pretty. And so popular right now!


A word to the wise. A little advice, if you want it - which you should. When you ask someone what they are naming their child, no matter how popular that name is at the moment or even how pretty you think it is inspite of that, never, ever reply with, "that is such a popular name right now, too!"

Its annoying and it doesn't help. I don't care if the name I have chosen is number 50 or number 3 on the current year's most popular list of names. I want to feel original. At the moment the baby in my belly is the only one whose name I care about and if I have gone ahead and chosen a name in spite of its current popularity than I have a good reason. I do not want to think about how many kids of the same name will be starting kindergarten with her in 5 years, okay?

So, think before you speak, people!!!!

Thank you for your consideration. :-)


martha said...

Your daugther will be the first Sophie that I've ever known in my entire life. So tell everyone else to suck it.

Alison said...

Totally individual and special. I love that name, I had no clue that it was popular, but that's probably because it's not popular out here in SF. You know what, you should just move here so you can avoid such aggravations.

the Perfect Verse said...

I was wondering what name you chose, and now I saw Martha's post. I love the name Sophie!!!! Go for it! Please thats normal compared to what I want to name my children (if & when they ever happen). Ready for this?! Boy: Kingston. Girl: Carolina Sunshine.

Yeah, try and digest those 2 crazy names. I know my parents would freak out. But who cares. I love those names!

Rock on!