Tuesday, July 3, 2007

A bright idea gone bad....

As everyone is probably aware, a holiday is upon us! 4th of July - our country's birthday and, for me and my husband, a day that kicks off our last official vacation before our daughter arrives in October. Women will understand me when I say that us women go through a few rituals before preparing for a beachy vacation. We purchase an updated bathing suit, get our eyebrows waxed, maybe start on our base tan. Above all, we make sure our toe nails are trimmed and polished and worthy of all of the cute sandals and flip flops that will be donned on said vacation.

My bright idea was to do my own feet. I had been indulging in pedicures since well before I got knocked up and I thought, "yeah, I can switch it up a bit". So, I stopped at Walgreens on my way home yesterday and picked out the brightest Coral/Orangish nail polish I could find. One that will compliment my impending tan to a tee. Exciting stuff. Then I get home and realize something. I completely forgot about this pregnancy belly and how hard it is making it for me to just shave my legs. Hell if I can even reach my feet! What the hell was I thinking? Do my own feet? Brilliant! Talk about getting kicked in the head with a realization... I explained my dilemma to my husband. Up until this point he has been really helpful with all of those sticky situations I find myself in. But I realized quickly, probably even before that look of utter horror crossed his face, that I do not want him anywhere near my feet with a nail polish brush. Am I crazy?! I saw what happened the first time he painted a wall and there was no way I was going to waltz around Key West with clumpy toes. Hell no.

Possible last resort - baby sister to the rescue! She arrives tonight and I am already thinking of a few different ways to bribe her into helping me out.... :o)

Until next time on, "Adventures of a Preggo."


MJ said...

I stuck a soccer ball under my shirt and tread to paint my toes to see if I could help you out. And I can't. Good luck!

Alison said...

LMAO - I totally told that story to, like, 6 different people. While I cannot possibly understand fully - I totally do!