Monday, September 17, 2007

18 days until my due date!

But who's counting?

Aside from the monumental excitement of how close I am getting to finally meeting my daughter - I am also really, really, really looking forward to wearing cute shoes and stylish, non-maternity clothes. I have spent today training the temp who will be my replacement for the 12 weeks I am on maternity leave. Yes, everyone here is already well aware that they are not allowed to like her more than me. Anyway, back to my point - she is tall where I am short, she is slender and curvy where I am just round at the moment, and she is blond where I am...not blond. Not that I want to be blond, I am very cool with my black hair - but I just needed to show you all the ways that she is not me. Have you got a good visual there?

She is also dressed to the nines from head to toe in clothes that I am just dying to start wearing again. A nice button down tailored blouse (buttons, what are those?), slim slacks, and gorgeous pumps (my feet have seen nothing but ballerina flats and flip flops in months). I want to cover her in a brown paper bag and throw her off the roof. Can I? Please?

However, it is 18 days from my due date and soon enough I will not only be able to wear clothes like that again - but I will even be able to SHOP for them!!! NY&Company here I come - baby carriage and new shopping partner in tow! Sophia's first word may just be MALL!

Soon - very, very, VERY soon!!!!!!


MJ said...

Nothing's sexier than a hot mama. You have nothing to fear from the temp! Although do send pictures once you are gussied up.