Monday, September 17, 2007

My Mom - The Blogger!


I am so proud of her. LOL. My non-tech inclined mom has decided to join the blogging world. If you are entertained and interested by all things children then I promise this is a blog you will love reading.

This is a fairly new endeavor for her, so be patient and check back often for updates. I must say, though, for a newbie - she has gotten off to a wonderful start.

See below to the link to Nana's Daycare Blog.


Christy aka TRUE GEMINI said...

Oh my gosh! Thats soo cute that your mom is bloggin' now. Ok, now this is weird... my boyfriend's choice for a girl name is Sophie and mine was Victoria. (play twilight music here) And you picked both for your baby! Thats amazing! We've since changed it to his new choice being a very slutty name- Roxann and mine being Carolina. lol We're not even planning kids yet. I love your blog and can't wait for the baby to get here.

Mimi said...

Awwww... go mom! So cute :) I will be checking it out often :)