Sunday, September 16, 2007

We are READY! But the cats....?

What I mean to say is, the house is now ready for baby!

This weekend my hubby and I put the finishing touches on the baby's nursery. Her closet is completed and fully stocked. Is there anything more adorable than teeny tiny baby clothes hanging on teeny tiny hangers? Her drawers are full of clean clothes, burp cloths, bibs, and blankets. Her swing is put together. Her infant to toddler rocker is assembled, as well. Most of the slight, personal touches that will make her nursery her own are hanging on the walls or sitting on her shelves. I walk by this adorable room and cannot help but smile. Very soon we will have a daughter and this room, which at one time was my husband's office, will be her haven and her play room.

However, I would be remiss if I did not admit that there were two members of our little family who are a tad put out. The cats. Gypsy and Peanut. They have been members of our family for longer than Sophia was an idea in our heads and hearts, and while we are doing all we can to help them adapt to the idea of a baby on the way, we are also doing all we can to make sure that their adjustment and readiness to be involved in all things baby is on our terms - not theirs. One of those ways is by assembling all of her equipment (seats, swing, etc) and leaving them out so that the cats get used to seeing them. And another is by adding a retractable screen door to the outside of the nursery's doorway.

And BOY, if that screen has not become the cats' mortal enemy. They hate it! The oldest cat, Gypsy, has been able to open most types of doors for a while now. Bi-fold closet doors, as well as bedroom doors that are fitted with handles instead of knobs. Once we changed those handles to knobs, it stopped her from getting into many places where she was not allowed. However, she still considers herself quite the Houdini and this new screen door provides no way in for her and that frustrates her to the point that she gets very vocal about it - especially if me, her beloved mama, is on the opposite side. I felt pretty guilty - while still being amused. My husband, her tormentor, loved every minute and every frustrated meow.

Peanut, however, had a problem actually seeing the screen and earlier today expected to leave the baby's room at full speed - but encountered the screen instead. That was, without a doubt, the funniest moment of the day. The look she gave me when she shook off the blow of hitting the screen was one of pure confusion and consternation. And indignation - because my husband and I were laughing our butts off.

So, now the house is ready. The nursery is ready....but out fur babies are not. And I tell you what, I cannot wait until the day when I see them interacting with the baby. Not only will we continue to be fully entertained by that cats' antics - but I fully expect to get some hysterical pictures of them interacting with the baby and all of the items that a baby brings. Its gonna be GREAT!