Thursday, September 13, 2007

Six Years Later.

This blog is a few days late but since I do not think that 9/11 is a day that should be remembered only on its anniversary I think that is okay. I think about what happened on that day all year long. Its not something that I think will ever be erased from my mind - not only those famous images you catch glimpses of on television but the feeling and emotions that were brought up by all of the events of the day and the week following.

Let me just admit right now - I am an Oprah fan. Yes, I TIVO her show every day and watch it when I can - which is basically when my hubby is not home because he really cannot stand it. Yesterday I caught up on her 9/11 special and have to say that I was so impressed with the way it was done. It was set in NYC. And it focused on the children of 9/11 - 6 years later. It was heartbreaking and humbling. These children who lost mothers and fathers are stronger and more resilient than most people I know. They are honoring their lost mothers and fathers every day by being the best that they can and hoping to still make those parents proud.

A few of the moments were more heartbreaking to me than others. There was a young girl who was very young, maybe 6, in 2001. You would hope things would be better or easier for the young ones who maybe do not remember as much. This is not the case. She talked about how it actually gets harder every year because she realizes more than she did and as she grows up some of the emotion brought on by that day actually gets stronger. Whether its her little mind growing up and gaining adult emotions and realizations or the media when it replays the events of the day over and over again. I felt for her in a way that I cannot even describe as she sat in front of that camera and described, in tears, all of the above. It surprised me and shook me and broke my heart all over again.

Another thing I wanted to point out is the answer to this question that Oprah posed to the kids. She asked them what September 11th means to them. Their answer? That is just a date. Its just one day. Its just when it happened. They live with the aftermath of September 11th and every day of every week of every month. To them, this is not remembered as, "oh what happened on that day." To them, its an every day thing. And it actually seemed so much harder for them when the world suddenly wakes up around the anniversary and remembers. Because they always remember. Its always with them. They do not have all year long to put it aside and go on with their lives. But the amazing thing? They do. They have grown up. They still live. They all admitted that they enjoy life and remember their fallen parents or family members in ways that would make the lost ones proud and not sad.

If you are interested in seeing some clips of the show, and I would really recommend it, here is a link to the website: