Tuesday, September 11, 2007

False Labor - Such a Tease!

Okay, so yesterday I told a few friends (women who had been pregnant in the past) about how sick I had been all weekend long. I originally thought it was food poisoning but then was not so sure because it lasted a lot longer than it had in the past - but hey, pregnancy does wierd things, right? Well, those mommy friends of mine both told me that this also happened to them a few days before they went into labor and that this could be a sign that my body was preparing for labor. After I heard this - I started noting contractions and started getting nervous. Could the psyche really be that strong?? I called my husband, who luckily was still at home, and had him pack the rest of my hospital bag. Just in case.

At about noon, I started timing contractions. They were approx 10 minutes apart based on my work computer (I did not have anything with a second hand so it was hard to be accurate). I would get up and walk around and they would get worse instead of subsiding. They felt so much stronger than Braxton Hicks - but not really, really painful so I was torn. I did not want to be paranoid but I could not help but wonder. Would today be the day I meet my baby? I was early, yes, but at almost 37 weeks she would be a perfectly heatlhy newborn so I was not worried about complications on that front.

Finally, at 3pm I went home. I had called my dr and all indications at this point were that I should just relax for a little while and see what happens and if they continued then to go to the hospital. After I was home for about an hour the contractions stopped altogether. I had a couple more later that evening but nothing consistent. A part of me was relieved. The timing was not what I wanted and even though I know I do not have a choice - I would rather her wait a week or so. A bigger part was disappointed just because I am so ready to meet her. So, hubby and I kept ourselves busy by (me folding clothes) and he checking off a few more "baby to do's" off of our list.

So, I guess the day happened that way for a reason. We got things done - and also treated ourselves to a bit of a labor drill.


Alison said...

You got me SO nervous (Alan too!)!! It just kills me that I can't be there circling the waiting room with your family and friends... I'll see you soon enough, though.