Friday, September 21, 2007

Last day of work for 3.5 months!!!


As someone who started working fulltime when she was 18 years old and has since not taken any time off - the idea of more than 12 weeks of not having to get up, get dressed, and go into an office is so surreal. I am looking forward to it, though! I know I will not be bored - I will have a newborn that is going to be keeping me very busy and I feel so blessed that I have the opportunity to spend some time at home with her before coming back to work. But still - will I get spoiled and wish that I did not have to come back? Or will I be foaming at the mouth for a challenging office job and welcome coming back to work and being around adults all day? Only time will tell how I will feel at the end of my leave.

For now - my desk is clean, the temp is trained, my boss is aware of all odds and ends... Sayonara to all coworkers for 12 weeks, people! Okay, not all 12 weeks - I do plan on bringing the baby by and showing her off but as far as work know what I mean. I have an ear to ear grin about it, too!

Its time for me to GO!


Christy aka TRUE GEMINI said...

Is that what I need to do to get some time off from work? Jeez.. I've been working all my life too. I hate it. Can you believe I haven't taken any time off this year?! Whoa.