Monday, November 12, 2007

I finished a book!!!

Okay, so those of you who really know me are probably thinking, "Big deal, Mel - you are a bookworm, this is what you do." But no. You do not understand. I finished a book. I have a six week old baby at home who is attached to my breast half the time and needing my attention the other half and still - I have time to finish a book.

What does this mean? This means that people have no idea what they are talking about. This means that life as we know it does not end once we have children, that you can still get to do the things you love. Granted, I am only 6 weeks into this - almost 7 actually - and I have a ways to go and I know that there will be days, weeks, and months, that will be too busy for books - especially once I go back to work, too BUT this is now I am talking about. I am talking about my husband, who loves his video games, still gets to play them. We still get time to ourselves. We still watch movies and spend time together and talk.

And....if we work hard enough....we will continue to be able to do those things, even while being parents. Life was we know it has not ended. Its different. But its not over.

So, the naysayers can kiss my ass thank-you-very-much.


MJ said...

Which book????
I just bought the first three Dark Hunter series and finished the first one. Am addicted. :)