Thursday, November 15, 2007

I am still a social butterfly, dammit!

My daughter is 7 weeks old now. I am finally springing up and getting into more of a routine with her. Well, on somedays. Others I feel like the day shoots past without my having gotten a thing accomplished. This includes being social by phone or email. I am (or used to be) such a social person that this is beginning to get to me a little. Okay, it is beginning to get to me a lot.

I have always been a social butterfly. Always. I am friendly and charming and fun. Right? Aren't I? I have friends from all walks of life and backgrounds. I keep in touch with those friends by phone and email. I do. Or rather, I did. Then I had a baby and it has all seemed to change. I am still me - but well - I guess the only word I think of to describe myself at the moment is DISTRACTED. Extremely so. Even when I talk to people, the only thing I really have to talk about is my daughter.

I get phone calls quite often. Sometimes I get to them in time but other times - if I am busy with the baby - the machine gets it. Sometimes I remember to call my friends back and most times I forget until they call me back. Why is it so hard for me to pick up the phone lately? I feel like the only time I talk to anyone is if they call me. Either I have really persistent friends - or they have all been where I am and completely understand.

Thinking back, I remember that most of my friends became first time moms around the same time approximately 2 to 3 years ago. I vaguely remember, at the time, being that persistent caller and visitor. Now here I am, years later, walking in their shoes and being the one busy with a newborn and trying to set a routine while they are old hands at it. Some even on their second child by now.

All I can do is hope. Hope that a few things are true.

#1 - That this will pass and that I will get better at the phone calls and emails very soon.

#2 - That my friends who are moms remember what it was like and really do understand and are not just making believe that they do.

#3 - That my friends who have never been parents don't write me off as lost to the world of mommyhood and never invite me out.

Keep calling! Keep writing! Keep coming over! Keep inviting!

Don't lose hope in me yet!


Alison said...

I haven't been a mom, but I am being patient and totally understanding. Like you could EVER get rid of me?! PUHLEASE. It's too late. 'Til death do us part. And even then, I might haunt you.


MJ said...

I'm done with being understanding. Pay attention to me dammit! Kidding, kidding.

Alisha said...

Well I hope you know I am NEVER giving up on you!! If anyone does then you probably didn't need them anyway! I love you, and my beautiful niece. Muah!