Sunday, November 18, 2007

My weight loss journey begins...again!

I say again because I did this already. Two times over the last 8 years I have lost approximately 35lbs. Each time. This time its different. This time I am attempting to lose pregnancy weight which, from what I hear, is a whole new ball of wax.

How am I planning to do it?
- Weight Watchers has a plan for nursing mothers. I joined online tonight.

How much do I need to lose?
- I gained 44lbs with my pregnancy
- I have lost 25lbs doing nothing but not being preggo anymore and nursing. Yes, supposedly you burn something like 500 extra calories a day when you breastfeed. Who knew?!
- I have 19lbs to go until I am at my pre-pregnancy weight...and another 20lbs until I am HAPPY with ME!

I CAN DO IT! I just need a little support and will power. So, get ready - you are about to start reading all about my weight loss journey in addition to all the other crap I blog about!


MJ said...

Good Luck! Starting during the holidays is good!! It's so easy to get carried away.