Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My baby had her first shots......

And I am traumatized. They gave my baby FIVE shots. Two in each leg and one on her butt. *deep breath* I thought nursing her while she had a couple would help her deal with the pain. No such luck. The minute the needle went in she unlatched and screamed bloody murder. Now, these screams were of pain and shock. She was not expecting it. So these cries, to mommy, were so different than the ones when she is hungry or tired or uncomfortable. I am not gonna sugar coat it for anyone. I did not cry during it all. But when I was working on comforting her after the fact - I started crying with her. It took me quite a while to calm her down.

Good news was that she was sleeping in her carrier when we left the drs office. She slept in the car until we were a little over 5 minutes from home - and then she woke up screaming. This time it was a cranky, hungry cry so I was OK. I got home, nursed her, and she has been down since 4:30pm. I can give her more tylenol bout 6pm and if she is up by then I will. Her legs where she got the shots are already swollen. Dr says they will be tender for a day or so.

I chose the 5 seperate shots instead of the cocktail one that combined 4 of them because the doctor said that the cocktail usually causes a high fever. I did not want to deal with a high fever with her being this young so I chose against it. Next time, I may not, if given the option. She also got the rotavirus vaccine. That one was not a shot, though, that was a liquid that she drank. And she did good with it! She drank it like it tasted good. :o) That was the first thing they did.

Anyway, so I am sure I have an interesting night ahead of me. I hope she sleeps a lot but I hear that she will be very cranky today and tomorrow. So, I am cancelling the Christmas photos I had scheduled for tomorrow. I think I will just try to have someone take a nice pic of me, Abel, and her at Thanksgiving. If not, I will try and take my own pics of her for Christmas cards. We shall see.

Oh, her stats are as follows - she weighed 10.5lbs and is 22.5 inches long. She has grown two whole inches since birth! She will be 8 weeks old tomorrow.

And that is my story........