Monday, December 10, 2007

Dual Blog: Weight Gain/ No Longer Nursing


I expected it. I did not do very well last week with even attempting to stay on points. Combine that with weaning the baby off the breast and having to recalculate my allotted points in addition to cutting down on the water to keep my milk from rushing back - I totally expected to gain some weight. This week will be a better week. Heck, today has already been a better day! I stayed on points all day long and I can already feel how less hungry I am since I stopped nursing.

Don't get me wrong - I did not stop nursing Sophia so that I could really start losing weight. I have already dropped 40lbs in the 10 weeks since her birth. It just sorta happened that since she started sleeping 12 hour stretches at night my milk supply just sort of fizzled away. And since I did not start pumping to make up for it - I had to start supplementing more and more formula which made things inconsistent for her routine-wise. That led me to the difficult decision of weaning her. And then just stopping altogether. It actually went really smoothly and now she is doing great. She is a lot more full than she had been the last couple of weeks which makes her notably happier - which makes mommy happier, too. Even though I have to admit that I really miss nursing her. It was a wonderful experience.

Lots of changes. Sophia is gaining weight as she should, eating well, sleeping well... Mommy is gonna be losing weight as she should, eating well...and (hallelujah!)...sleeping well, too!

Life is good!