Wednesday, January 23, 2008

First cold, check! First stomach bug.......check?

What is worse than a baby with the sniffles? A baby who is throwing up, that's what. MY GOODNESS. I can type all of this now with some thread of humor because it is over but while we were hip deep in vomiting and fevers I can tell you that no one was laughing in my house.

No one was laughing because we all had it. Sophie got hit first at daycare. I learned now a few kids through out the daycare caught this during and after the holidays and so my kid, new to daycare and all those germs, got it almost immediately. Then a few days later my husband fell down with the bug. And then I did.

What a way to spend a long weekend. Yes, when my baby got sick I prayed that I would get sick INSTEAD of her. Not that I would get sick WITH her. There are some crossed communication lines with the big guy upstairs, I think. ;-)

But hey - my hubby and I could not pay for better experience. *insert a dab of sarcasm* We have dealt with her first cold and her first stomach bug - all before she turns 4 months old. I can practically see her little body building up those immunities.

I HOPE! Please?