Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hope is my worst enemy.

I know, that is a terrible thing to say, right?

Its just that when I want something really badly - my hopes shoot to the moon and that "something" is all I can think about. I sleep, eat, and breathe it. Every night and all day long.

Right now my dear hubby and I are working on something BIG together. A big change for our little family - and while I realize there are a lot of factors involved that make this change more of an IF then a WHEN at the moment I cannot help but move full speed ahead. My goal is to turn that IF into a WHEN really quickly before the chance slips through our fingers. My hope is so strong that it is like a rock in my belly that bounces about throughout the day.

People say to me all of the time, "Don't get your hopes up." Yeah, well how the hell does one do that? If someone HAS to say that to me - its because they know I am going to. They know the situation warrants it.

And that is where I am now. With my hopes way, way, way up - with no drop in sight unless its a crash of disappointment.

My goal at the moment, instead of working on keeping my hopes low, is to think positively, PRAY, and turn my hope into reality. I am going to make HOPE my best friend in the end. Just you watch!


TiVo Queen said...

My best friend just became curiosity. :)