Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Giving it to you straight.

This is my blog, right? My place to talk about whatever I want no matter how mundane. This evening that topic is my hair - and this is no mundane matter to me!

I hate blow drying my hair. I have naturally curly hair. Really curly and cannot stand using the round brush for close to an hour to blow dry my hair straight. It never comes out right anyway. I am mediocre at blow drying anyway. I admit that it never comes out right especially not when its as long as it is now.

Neither, though, am I willing to spent $120 on a Chi Hair Straightener. As my husband says, "Do you know how many cartons of formula that could buy?"

I love They gave a generic version of the Chi on sale for $59.99 and they come in adorable colors. I chose pink.


And since I have been getting a ton of compliments today on my new look - allow me to share my camera phone pic of myself. Not the best picture - but you get the idea and it works in a pinch


CIAO, bellas! Sharing is caring and I am sharing the wealth. Can't keep this info all to myself now can I? That wouldn't be cool of me at all.


cocojack10 said...

Nice! Thanks for the tip. Goes to show that brand names aren't always better than generic. =)

Mimi said...

Thats great! You look hot! I love my Chi but if you find something just as good that is great!

BTW - Always try Ebay too :)

Samantha said...

Love the pic Mel! You are one HOT mama.