Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Established March 25, 2006

The hubby and I are celebrating two years married today. It feels like it went by so fast while at the same time if feels like it was so long ago. Marriage has done us a lot of good. We make a great team. My weaknesses are balanced by his strengths and his weaknesses are balanced by my strengths. Compromise, understanding, a sense of humor, generosity, selflessness. Those are the qualities that keep us strong together.

Its an every day thing - working on our marriage, focusing on us and making sure we stay strong as a couple so that we can be a strong unit as parents. I am so proud of all we have accomplished together so far. Its not easy all of the time - marriage is a lot of work - but you need a few hard moments now and again to make you appreciate all of the good that comes in a relationship. And to be honest those difficult moments are nothing compared to the good ones. So far. I am not so naive to think that we won't hit our big hurdles but I can hope and pray that the foundation we are building on can withstand anything that tries to topple us.

I love you, baby! Happy Anniversary!

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Recipe for a Healthy Marriage
3 cups of Love
4 spoons of Hope
2 cups of Warmth
2 spoons of Tenderness
1 cup of Forgiveness
1 pint of Faith
1 cup of Friends
1 barrel of Laughter

Combine Love & Warmth, Mix thoroughly with Tenderness. Add Forgiveness and Blend with Friends & Hope. Sprinkle all remaining Tenderness. Stir in a generous amount of Faith and Laughter. Bake with Sunshine, Say God's blessings over it and serve daily in generous helpings.


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Congrats; Happy anniversary Mel. I love your recipe. Yes, marriage is hard work, but with the right partner, makes all the work a pleasure.

Hope you have a wonderful day, and many more years filled with love.