Friday, July 20, 2007

Pregnancy has its ups...and its downs.

I always like the bad news first - so lets start with a down. I do not have too many. I am having a really good pregnancy. It is hard to complain about my little problems when I have had friends who have suffered much worse. I really do not want to jinx myself. The heat of a Florida summer is really my main enemy. However, that is not the down I am here to talk about...


Let me be honest and admit that I was prone to cramps in my calves before getting pregnant. But I would probably get them....oh....once every 6, or even 10, months. This has recently changed with a vengeance. In the last few weeks I get one every other week like clockwork. And my legs take turns. One week its my left, the next my right. Never the same leg twice in a row. Weird, huh? At least they are polite to each other like that. Don't want to annoy the pain gods do we, girls?

Last night took the cake and is the reason for this blog. Or rather, I should say this morning. 5am - I woke up after feeling a cramp coming on in my left calf and started trying to work it out with my hands before it got too bad. My whimpering must have woke hubby up because he moved me out of the way and got to work on it. It was a slight one and went away fast and we went back to sleep. Thankfully. My hubby is not an easy one to fall back asleep after having been woken up and I felt guilty.

BAM! 6am - the right leg got a BAD one. Hubby, the love that he is, went right to work on it. This was a bigger one and took longer and more pressure to work out. These suckers wake me out of a dead sleep. I feel like such a baby whimpering about it but the pain added to the fact that I am half asleep just takes over me. I cannot seem to help myself and honestly - the whimpering helps in a wierd way to release it all.

(SIDE NOTE - All you women out there, this is one of those very good reasons to have babies with men who you can count on to help you out and be there for you. The downsides of pregnancy are so much better coped with when you have someone by your side who is just there for you - no matter what).

Anyway, to end my story, two cramps in one hour. That was new - and I hope not a trend!


I am going to leave you with an upside. I have to. There is now way that I am going to end this particular blog on a note of pain and negativity. Its not my style.

Most people LOVE pregnant women. Did you know that? This is a fact that I have learned recently and that this morning was made very apparent to me in neon colors. Its a silly thing but one of my pregnancy cravings is a muffin for breakfast. Lemon Poppy Seed and Blueberry muffins are my favorite and I can get them every morning in the cafe at my place of work. Much to my chagrin, the past two mornings have found the cafe barren of my two favorite muffins leaving only BRAN. Ick. That is no fun. And I am not the only one who thinks so because really - there is always at least a half a dozen Bran muffins left once all the others have sold out. What is the point, people?

Anyway, this morning I decided to ask to see if there was any Blueberry muffins in the kitchen. See? That is how bad my need for a fix was. Well, there wasn't. But the lady I asked was so sweet that she went all the way to the other shop to get my a blueberry muffin that she knew was there - even though that shop does not open until 9am. How awesome was that of her? She is my angel for the day. I was able to enjoy a fabulous blueberry muffin for breakfast this morning all because of her! I definitely owe her one.

So, not only is today's upside the fact that people love pregnant women (well, most anyway) but that my morning can do a quick 180 turn in just a few hours.

Life is GOOD, people... Make sure you go out and appreciate all the small pleasures and try not to focus on the little negative things.

That is your homework for today, class. Now go out and conquer!


Christy aka TRUE - GEMINI said...

Here's my comment:
Wednesday I went to the hospital to visit my cousin & the new baby. And after I parked I'm scurrying along, ok, I was practically speed-walking across the lot into the revolving doors! So... I was excited & eager to see the baby. Anyways, after getting my pass I'm skipping to the elevator hopping with joy...and this stupid pregnant woman says: "well some people have no manners" uhh...yeah, just b/c I skipped & hopped crossing her path to hit the elevator button!! Lighten up B*$&^! Jeez... that was one pregnant woman I did NOT like!!! She was so snotty. Excuse me for being happy & frolicking about! Ugh.. I hate bitter people!!!!