Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Childbirth Class

Last night when I got home from work I was exhausted. I did not want to move from the couch to pee - let alone drive the distance from my home to the Childbirth Class we have every Monday for 5 weeks. But we had to go. So, we dragged ourselves, paper, pens, blanket, and pillow to the hospital at 7pm.

Once there I really enjoy it. I love our instructor. She is originally from South Africa, has worked at this hospital for 20 years, and is really funny and gets everyone involved. I think Sophia likes her, too, because she does NOT stop rolling around the whole time. If I were at home the movements would be less - being there its a constant thing. It cracks my husband up while at the same time causing him to help me get comfortable every 5 minutes or so as I shift in my seat. Last night she was positioned on my right side, causing my back and hips to really ache due to the pressure. She is not a tiny thing anymore. She is probably close to 5lbs already and seriously - needs to pick a freaking lane. Or spot. Whatever. Just stay put, please...

One of my questions for my doc today is to see if he can do an u/s and tell me what position she is in. I have a very strong feeling that she is transverse most of the time and considering how much she moves and how fast she is growing right now - that worries me. I want her HEAD DOWN for a nice, vaginal delivery *crossing fingers*(yes, yes, I said vaginal - get used to it). If I need a c-section, I need a c-section but I am not one of those mommies who wishes for one from the very beginning. My body was built in the way it is in order to physically deliver my baby into this world. Its what it was made for. I am not afraid of it or shying away from it. I have never been the one to take the supposed "easy" way out (which is how a lot of mommies I know refer to a c-section, if you can believe that major surgery is the easy way out).

Last night in class, while I was doing my best not to get distracted by the baby's movements, our instructor went over the Transitional period of labor - the hardest part of active labor when you are 7cm to 10cm dilated and getting ready to start pushing. We watched two births on video. Dated videos but - hello - goes to show you that women have been doing this for thousands of years and there are certain parts that are just not dated. LOL. They happen every day, to this day - current hairstyles or decor or not.

She also went over epidurals, spinals, medication, what to pack in your suitcases, what to leave at home. She talks seriously to the coaches (not just daddies or husbands as there is a Lesbian couple in our class - which was a first and eye opener to me) about what they can expect from us and answers everyone's questions as clearly and down to earth as she can. I can tell you for sure that my husband is getting a lot out of these classes. The mommies prepare for labor and childbirth in different ways. The ways daddies get prepared for this event is by taking these classes. I have yet to meet a man that isn't 100% more comfortable about something once he is well informed about it. My hubby asks more questions than I do in these classes - which really warms my heart because I can see how focused and interested he is in being a good support for me. I know he is nervous about seeing me in pain and not knowing what to do so the step-by-step knowledge he is getting from this class is really invaluable. And a HUGE relief to me. I have a big, stressful role in this whole thing and its nice to know that he will be there as my back up, remembering our breathing lessons, and helping me along.

Its weird sitting here and writing all of this down. Up until this point my life has been all about the pregnancy. Growing the baby. Preparing for the baby. Now, with these classes, its about the next step - getting her here. And I am her ticket. LOL. Its my job (and my husband's) to make sure she arrives safely and healthy. I think I am just getting that.

I am 32 weeks and 4 days pregnant today. That means I have just over 7 and a half weeks until I am 40 weeks and this baby is due. Stay tuned because I am sure that between now and then there will be other blogs about the pregnancy. It ain't over until its over - but the end is fast approaching!