Thursday, August 9, 2007

Studio-by-Carmen ROCKS MY SOCKS!

I bit the bullet and dragged the hubby to a maternity photo shoot this weekend. As most of you who are men or married to men can imagine - that was no easy feat. He was so not into the idea of it. Even I was not so sure about it (but for different reasons - mainly I was not sure if I was pretty enough to be photographed at the moment) but I figured I might as well give it a try or I would probably regret it.

I am SO glad I did. I had the best time. It was sweltering hot out but Carmen, the photog, made sure that hubby and I had an awesome time. And in the process she captured us perfectly. Can you tell that we are excited about becoming parents?

Here is her preview of our little photog session....


Mimi said...

They are great Melly! You guys look so happy! Carmen does rock :) and so do you guys!


Christy aka TRUE GEMINI said...

OMG! You totally have that "glow"!!! You guys look amazing. Great photographer!

(I'm actually getting into some of that myself -but photographing babies for now) Going to start working on setting up my home-studio.

Yes, career change no. 458! LOL