Thursday, September 6, 2007

BOOM-BOOM! Ruuuun!

I feel like I should look down at the floor and see a bunch of tiny, Japanese people running from me yelling, "Its GODZILLA!" That is how huge I feel lately. I am just complaining. I know I could feel worse but I guess it amazes me how quickly I could go from feeling pretty darn good to feeling like...well, like a big BLOB.

This is me - waddling down the hallway at work or through my house. I feel like I just blew up this weekend. I feel HUGE. I do not think I am exaggerating either. I feel a lot bigger all over than I did just last week. It feels like it is slowly getting worse, too. My waddling is much more pronounced and as of this week my wedding rings no longer fit comfortably. The puffiness is spreading from my feet and ankles on up to different areas of my body. I feel heavier - my arms, my hands, my knees... I have always heard that the last month is the most uncomfortable but I had NO idea it would be this pronounced of a difference. Almost from one day to the next.

People see me and either smile indulgently or look at my belly and away and do not make eye contact. It makes me wonder what they think. The indulgent smiles I am sure are women who can relate or men who are attached to women who can relate. The non-eye contact and nervous people are women with no experience with pregnancy and men who just have no clue. At this point, I am not sure which group I prefer.

29 days until my due date. That means that very soon I will start feeling like myself again. For the most part. I hope.


MJ said...

Well, it would be more like "God-zhee-ra! God-zhee-ra!" He he he.