Tuesday, September 4, 2007


This is one of those movies that I have been intrigued by since I heard about it and became even more interested once I saw the previews. However, it was not one of those movies that anyone I knew wanted to go see. Neither was it something I could talk hubby into renting and watching with me.

Thank goodness for cable! I finally got the opportunity to TIVO 'The Queen' since it was a Starz premiere this weekend and I sat down to watch it yesterday while I had the house to myself.

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I can honestly say that it was SUBLIME. I loved this movie. Every second of it. It was as if it was an inside peak into the royal family and their reaction and response in the aftermath of Princess Diana's untimely death that summer of 1997. More than the royal family it really focused on The Queen, her role in all of this, what the British public expected - and the very young, very new Prime Minister Tony Blair's role in these events.

Helen Mirren was brilliant in her role of Queen. And the actor who played Blair did a "smashing" job in his role of the young Prime Minister. I highly recommend it.


MJ said...

Ooh - must go to my Tivo now, too!!!!

Alison said...

I liked, but not loved...

LCA said...

You did know at least one person who wanted to see it.. me!! I went to the theater alone to see it and I LOVED it too.