Sunday, October 28, 2007

God had it right...

God had it right when He created all babies adorable. Or rather - correction - when He made love blind and saw to it that all parents thought their child was the most adorable and fascinating of all children. This comes in very handy at 4am when those mommies and daddies are tired and frustrated and their child has decided that it is morning time and all should be awake and playing. Instead of sleeping. Because only parents can see through a red temper driven face and squalling screams to the adorable, sweet child they know is in there somewhere.

I imagine had He not had this in His grand plan all along that those sleep deprived parents would look down at their child, think he or she is not as cute as they thought and proceed to lock them in a room and let them scream the house down. The rest of us, all of us dupes who are utterly and clearly in love with their child and groan with frustration one second - and smile the next because (honestly) that little sound she makes when she cries is just SO CUTE.

Yep. Blind with love we are.