Sunday, January 6, 2008

Mommy goes to Work

Exactly one week from tomorrow I will be heading to work and dropping my three and a half month old daughter at daycare in the process. The idea of it is simply breaking my heart into itty bitty pieces. Realistically, I know that there is no other way for my family to live the way we do without adding my income to the mix. Realistically, I know that I am lucky that my place of employment offers onsite daycare and that its just perfect that my daughter will be placed there, near me, where I can visit her during the day. Emotionally, however, this is going to be an incredible adjustment. The first week, especially, from what I hear from those of my buddies who are mommies with children in daycare.

Last week, I as an emotional wreck about it. This week I am a little better. I am adjusting to the idea very slowly and I know that I will not fully be adjusted until it happens and I have my own little crying jag in my cubicle at work. But for now, anticipation is everything and its making me crazy...

See ya next week - when I join the ranks of the working mom.


MJ said...

Big kisses and good luck - and remember, it's great for Sophie to see her mommy engaging in ALL KINDS of things including caring for her kids, her family, and herself and that includes professionally.