Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Political Sex Scandals

Let me start with a lot of eye rolling. First of all, other than the fact that being a cheating spouse makes you a despicable human being - I don't really care. I am sure that the sex scandals we have been seeing in the news lately are only those who are dumb enough to get caught. I am not naive enough to believe that everyone from the President down to the man who sweeps the floors of the House of Representatives is faithful to their marriage vows. A sad fact, though. And if they are silly enough to remain in office I probably (probably) would not vote for them again.

What flabbergasts me about these situations is the WIVES WHO STAY. Not only do they stay at home, married to these men - but they stand next to those podiums as their husbands admit to the whole world that they betrayed them. I mean, really? Then its the voters, fellow politicians, and the media who appear more betrayed and scandalized than the wives of these men!

I tell you what - There is not enough money in the world for me to do that. He can stand up there by his damn self while I stay home packing my shit.

It makes me wonder if these wives really love their husbands and if they are in the marriage for more than connections, money, and whatever fame or reputation you get as a politician's wife? Is it in a pre-nuptial somewhere that if your husband publicly gets caught cheating that you must publicly stand by him or risk walking away from the marriage with nothing? Personally, I see that clause in a pre-nup and I am going think twice about the man I am marrying...but then again I think we have already established that I am nothing like those politician wives and the biggest reason is that I have not stood in their shoes - so all if this is very easy for me to say in confusion.

A part of me judges harshly any woman worth her salt who lets herself be used that way for political and financial gain (because I would be surprised if they were doing this to try and save their marriage - its just too public) and then another part of me has to admire the strength it must take to stand there and listen and smile. I think I would be a puddle on the floor.

I could go round and round on this topic forever. I could be very wrong. Are these women any different from the every day, average woman or man who catches their spouse cheating? I have to say yes - outwardly. Very different. The every day average husband or wife is thinking of their family, children, household, finances, future, etc. The politican's spouse has a lot more to consider and I cannot decide if that is a good thing or a bad thing - I mean, at what point after you lose your mind once you discover this betrayal do you agree to brush off the pain and stand by that podium?

That is the flabbergasting part.


Monica said...

I had to create an account to comment on this topic because I have been asking myself the SAME questions! This is all just awful! I think these women are setting all strong, stable women back a few decades! How can anyone be emotionally crushed and publicly humiliated like that? Like you said, I have never been in that situation and I don't think I'll ever be in a situation where my career or my social status is important enough for me to go thru that and STAY with my husband. Although... Hilary stayed and I personally don't think that she'd be where is she today if she hadn't.